Solemn YuGiOh Product Recommendations

If you enjoy watching my videos on graded cards, you might still be looking for certain accessories to make your collecting life easier. On this page I have compiled some products which I might mention in videos. When you purchase a product through a link provided here, I will receive a small fraction of the profit made on this sale.

Cardboard Gold are the industry standard card savers used by millions to send off cards for grading through PSA and BGS. They are often combined with soft "penny sleeves" in order to make the life of the grader easier when grabbing your cards. This decreases the risk of your cards being damaged.

These are the aforementioned penny sleeves often used to send cards to grading companies like PSA and BGS.

Need to clean some finger prints or dirt off your cards before grading? Make sure to use a soft cloth that has less chance of damaging your cards. This is something the grading company will NOT do for you and they CAN deduct points for dirt, grease and other material that should not be on your card.

EXPERIMENTAL: USE WITH CAUTION! Goo Gone is a product I recently started trying to remove gunk/dirt off certain cards. This is a very harsh product and when mis-used CAN damage your cards. I'm currently still experimenting with how I want to use it to its full potential, but it has been promising so far.

If you're looking for a way to store your cards safely or perhaps you need a case to carry your valuable cards with you when making a transaction, have a look at this Pelican case. The automatic pressure equalization valve keeps water out and this can be crucial for the safety of your cards. You don't want your card turning into a Blue Eyes White Pringle inside that PSA slab.

Need a slightly bigger Pelican case to store a slightly larger collection? Have a look at this slightly larger alternative.

Need a bigger Pelican case to store an even larger collection? Have a look at this larger alternative.

Still need a soft playmat for when you handle some of your delicate cards or open some sweet packs? Consider any of the Zero Damage Gaming playmats. (Use the code SOLEMN for 10% off ;) )

Need oversleeves to double sleeve your cards? I'm a fan of these Dragonshield Standard Clear mattes.

Still need a binder? Try this DragonShield Codex!